Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequent questions asked by our customers. If this section didn't answer your questions, post them directly to us, using the online form available on our website.

1. Does the device pose any health risks?
1.' No. ELEKTRO AQUA is completely safe. The device creates a healthy microclimate, which positively affects any organism in its surrounding. It also has all the required health and safety certificates.

2. How fast does the device dry walls?
2.' The drying process can take from 2 to 26 months, depending on the level of dampness, salinity and thickness of the walls.

3. Does the drying process require drilling or use of the chemicals?
3.' No. Installation and operation of the device doesn't involve any of the two. Contrary to traditional ways of drying, Elektro Aqua - 111 is placed on a wall with the help of our representative. After that, it has to be plugged into a power source and becomes fully operational.

4. Can the device be turned off after the drying process has been finished?
4.' It is not recommended. Once the building has been dried, the device prevents water from further penetrating the walls.

5. What is the right place to hang the device?
5.' This decision is made by our representative, based on the measurments of the dampness level. This course of action guarantees effective dampness removal.

6. How much energy is consumed by Elektro Aqua -111?
6.' Thanks to the newest generation of components used in the machine, the energy consumption level has been reduced to minimum. Monthly cost of the energy consumed by the device is about 1 .

7. What kind of walls can be dried using the ELEKTRO AQUA device?
7.' Due to universal nature of the ELEKTRO AQUA device, it can be used to dry any kind of material.

8. Does the drying process need to be repeated?
8.' No. When the drying process is completed, the device is still working, preventing the water from rising and penetrating the walls again.

9. Is there an additional charge for the dampness level measurements and the assistance of a representative ?
9.' No. All services related to allocation of the mounting point and the exact mounting are free of charge.

10. Does the device need adjustment or any parts' change?
10.' No. The device works automatically and requires no maintenance.

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