Walls drying with the use of Electro Aqua devices - principles of operation.

A schematic of wireless electro-osmosis before and after mounting the device:

Before installation - walls affected by capillary dampness.
After - reversing of the capillary process and creation of a dampness protection membrane.
When the device operates, there is no mechanical interference in the structure of the dried building (stone, brick, concrete etc.)
The ELEKTRO AQUA device emits electromagnetic waves of specific form, intensity and frequency, which leads to the reversing of the dynamic osmosis phenomenon, called electro-osmosis, i.e. water particles in capillaries start moving towards the ground. As a result, the water is forced to the ground and the walls remain permanently dry. The time required to dry a building depends on a variety of factors: the degree of dampness in the beginning, the degree of salinity, wall thickness and type of material used to build the wall. Full drying of the wall can take between 2 and 36 months. The device is installed permanently in the cellar or in a central place on the ground floor to cover the biggest area possible (this can be done while the building is inhabited or used on a regular basis and regardless of the season). The device is usually placed above the damp zone. Once the building has been dried, the device protects the building horizontally and vertically, preventing dampness from rising again. It also neutralises the harmful influence of water veins. The power consumption is very low and the monthly cost of running the device is about 1 Euro.

Technical specifications

Supply power
230 V / 50 Hz
Input power
1.5 - 2.0 W
Value of magnetic induction around the device (B)
0.1 - 0.6 T
Value of intensity of electric field around the device (E)
10 - 90 V/m
Effective radius
10 - 12 m (suitable for 200 - 300 m2 buildings)
AC1 - 100 mA and AC2 - 100 mA
Device Elektro Aqua
The device is permanently fixed with two pins (diameter: 8 mm).
ELEKTRO AQUA device (dimensions 30 x 30 x 10 cm) has a very aesthetic look and its supply voltage is 230V with 50Hz frequency. There are two LEDs signalling that the device is operating: LED - 1 - red - indicating power supply and LED - 2 - green - which indicates field emission. Once installed, the device operates on its own and doesn't require maintenance.

Basic version - ELEKTRO AQUA 111

- Supply power: 230 V,
- Effective range: 20 - 24 m,
- Input power 1.5 - 2W,
- Monthly cost of energy consumption - 1 .

We offer devices with increased effective range, e.g. model 112 - 35 to 45 m, model 113 - 45 to 80 m.

Advantages of the device

  • Dries walls (concrete, stone or brick) within its effective range
  • Once the walls have been dried, the device prevents further dampening
  • Removes mildew and fusty odours
  • Does not require additional construction work, the use of chemicals, drilling, etc.
  • Does not require trenching or insulation repairs
  • Comes at the lowest price, compared to other similar devices/services available on the market
  • Creates a healthy microclimate inside the building and has positive effect on human body
  • Does not require supervision - service-free control system
  • Reduces salinity in the dried building
  • Has all valid regulatory and EU required certificates
  • Numerous references
ELEKTRO AQUA devices are characterised by high quality and effectiveness in comparison to other systems available on the market. They undergo rigorous quality control and meet all the EU standards. What is more, they have been tested in laboratories in Switzerland. That is why "Elektroosmoza" provides its customers with a full, 10-year guarantee for its products, while the effective operating time for the devices is about 20 years.

Quanti apparecchi montare?

Dispositivo ELEKTRO AQUA ha un ragio d'azione 12m. Questo e' sufficiente ad asciugare un immobile con una superficie dai 200 - 280 m.

Patents and certificates

Certificate of Conformity CE/13/62/09/BE Certificate of Safety B/13/60/09/BE Certificate of Conformity CE/13/38/06/BT Certificate of Safety B/13/48/06/BT

Il dispositivo ha ottenuto i seguneti certificati:
  • Certificate of Conformity CE/13/62/09/BE
  • Certificate of Safety B/13/60/09/BE
  • Certificate of Conformity CE/13/38/06/BT
  • Certificate of Safety B/13/48/06/BT
  • Hygienic certificate HK/B/1306/01/2010
  • Hygienic certificate HK/B/1170/01/2005
  • Statement of Conformity WE 1/06
  • Statement PP.329/P2/2004/NA issued by the Central Institute For Labour Protection .

Il prodotto conforme alle norme delle direttive: LVD 73/23/ECC e EMC 98/336EEC

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